Our Story

Euphorher sprang to life from a delicious blend of envy and inspiration. Two fiercely passionate and ultra-ambitious founders, Kai and Kevin, set out on a mission: to tackle beauty woes and dish out fabulous solutions.

It all began when our female classmates couldn’t stop swooning over our outrageously long lashes and thick brows. Flattered? Absolutely. But it got us thinking: why should we keep all this lash-and-brow magic to ourselves? And just like that, Euphorher was born—one genius idea and two guys ready to make the world a more beautiful place.

Here’s the fun part—Euphorher means You & For Her. Say it quickly, and it sounds like “You For Her.” Clever, right?

Hop on board our journey to bring hair growth euphoria to everyone! Meet Kai & Kevin, your new beauty besties.

P.S. Men, we didn’t forget about you—wink wink. Cough cough, Euphorhim.